What’s for Launch? Podcast

Everyone's Sleepy But the Baby by Tracy C Gold What's for Launch?

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  1. Everyone's Sleepy But the Baby by Tracy C Gold
  2. Cast in Firelight by Dana Swift
  3. Take Back the Block by Chrystal D Giles
  4. This is How We Fly by Anna Meriano
  5. Ana on the Edge by AJ Sass

What’s for Launch? is a virtual book launch podcast celebrating book birthdays with authors and their community of readers. For anyone who loves books, or wants an excuse to celebrate.

Before the pandemic, many authors celebrated their book releases with in person launch parties at bookstores and libraries with readers and friends, and ate cupcakes the color of their book cover. Even though we can’t do in person events right now, new stories are still worth celebrating, and What’s for Launch? is here to do just that.

If you are looking forward to a particular upcoming book and want to hear the author on the podcast, let me know!