Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I listen to Margarita in the Spotlight? How much does it cost?

Answer: Listen on Audible now! Margarita in the Spotlight is included free with your Audible account.

Question: Who wrote the songs in Margarita in the Spotlight?

Answer: I did! I wrote all the lyrics to the songs in the book, and the team at Audible was able to bring them to life for the audiobook.

Question: How old do I have to be to read Margarita in the Spotlight?

Answer: Margarita in the Spotlight is a middle grade book, which means the target audience is 8-12 years old, however people of all ages are invited to enjoy it!

Question: What is your advice to kids who want to become writers?

Answer: Read! Listen to audiobooks. Tell stories with your friends. Dissect the lyrics of your favorite songs. Come up with an alternate ending to your favorite TV show. Play pretend. Interacting with words and stories will strengthen you as a storyteller (also it’s a lot of fun).